Amazon Keyword Rich URL Generator

The more sales from a specific keyword search, the higher you will be likely to rank for that keyword - this is a hidden way how Amazon determines a listing's relevancy to a given product search. Now you are able to increase your organic search ranking on Amazon by simply creating a keyword rich URL for your product listing, and then just go share it and drive traffic to that link.

From now you don't need to create the Keyword-rich URL manually anymore, Amazon Keyword Rich URL Generator helps you do the task, what you need to do is just simply fill in the ASIN code and the keyword, and hit GENERATE. What's more, it supports the task in bulk.

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Amazon Longtail Keyword Scraper

Golden nugget keywords will enable the Amazon sellers to make more money when included in the listing and PPC ads campaign. However, keyword research on Amazon is time-consuming and takes sellers tons of time to compile the long list of keywords. Well, no worries...

Amazon Longtail Keyword Scraper helps you automate and speed up your keyword research process. You would be able to scrape hundreds of thousands highly relevant longtail keywords by just simply hitting one button.

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